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Reaching lost souls……mission impossible?

With God’s vision and guidance, your investment reaches into the lives of others throughout the world.

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During 2017, the East 91st Street Christian Church Foundation awarded 25
grants totaling $115,644 to evangelical ministries locally and world-wide

  • Emergency aid in the name of Christ in Houston, Myanmar, Costa
    Rica, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, and Florida.
  • For addiction counseling in Indianapolis 46201 area.
    A summer program and retreat ministry to street youth in Mexico
  • Financial counseling for families in distress in Central Indiana.
    Christian ministry through CRU for high-school youth at Fishers
    High School.
  • Tuition aid for Indiana ministerial students to attend Christian Church
  • A Christian conference for youth in Bethlehem in the Holy Land.
    Assistance for retired ministers and their families in need.
  • New translations of the Bible in Ghana.
  • Housing for ministry in Antigua in the Caribbean.

The Tolan Donor Advised Fund within the Foundation has allocated three grants totaling $27,720.46 to the following ministries: Alexander Christian Foundation (college scholarships to Indiana students entering the ministry), Polish Christian Ministries, and Allendale Christian Camp and Retreat Center.

Christian HolyLand Foundation received $5,500 to sponsor Youth Convention in the Bethlehem area of the Holy Land.

Allendale Christian Camp and Retreat Center received $2,700 from the George Hall Fund for camper scholarships for youth.

Dave Toussaint with Chaplains at Work received $4,000 to provide financial counseling to E91 congregational members in crisis and family financial budgeting workshops in the community. He also provides the staff support for the Compass ministry in 4 other states.

Suicide Prevention Donor Advised Fund grants $400 each year to underwrite the distribution of suicide prevention materials for teens in our community.

Deb Foxworth with Cru received $5,000 to support her ministry to high schoolers at Fishers High School. She has been an E91 missionary for 20 plus years.

Christy Falink received $4,000 for Hoofprints to Hope in the Elwood area which ministers to troubled youth using horses.

First Baptist Academy — $425 memorial contributions for Tom Landis,
whose family requested that the funds be directed to the Academy for
underprivileged-youth scholarships.

CMF in Mexico City for the local ministry in Fuego Nuevo, Iztapalapa received $5,000 in 2016 for a sport ministry for disadvantaged youth and their 2017 summer retreat. Their soccer ministry reaches about 200 youth. This ministry is led by the local leadership who have received CHE leadership training.

Love at Work in Costa Rica received an additional $1,800 for emergency ministry needs as they are responding to a double punch of Hurricane Otto and a 7.1 earthquake at the same time in November 2016. These have devastating effect on the countryside and the people. $8,000 had been sent as initial emergency aid.

White Fields Overseas Evangelism had received $8,752 to complete the housing for short-term mission groups at Belmont Christian Church, St. Johns, Antiqua in the Caribbean. This gift was very timely since it completed the roofing of the quarters just after the passing of the 2 Hurricanes with a couple of weeks.

IDES-International Disaster and Emergency Services received $12,811 for their worldwide ministry which was able to respond immediately to disasters here in the States and Myanmar.

Shepherd Community Center received $2,500 to assist in the hiring of an addictions counselor for the Celebrate Recovery ministry in 46201 zip code area.

Potter’s Field Ministries received $2,000 toward the internship of Anna Grover in Guatemala and another location during 2018.

CRU/Keith Spence — $5,000 for training of their Southeast Asian staff.

Two New Memorial Funds

Memorial Funds were established to honor the lives of Jan Nelson and Jim Scott. Each had participated in the establishment and continuation of the foundation over the years. Each fund was begun with initial $10,000 investment while hoping that others would add to the principals. Jim Scott’s Memorial will aid scholarships through the Alexander Christian Foundation. Jan Nelson’s Memorial is an investment in the facilities at Allendale Christian Camp and Retreat Center.

As an independent foundation, E91 Foundation is providing a living trust for
individuals to leave a lasting evangelical legacy.

By providing a fertile ground for this legacy, the Foundation has cultivated a greater impact for the community and the Kingdom. Thank you for your past contributions. We invite you to continue your support of this long-term ministry which has been honoring the lives of the past and present saints of East 91st St Christian Church.

Since 2001, E91 Foundation has invested $1,282,963 in ministries that share
Jesus Christ and His love.
Now – with your participation, – our mission is possible…

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you
gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed
clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in
prison and you came to visit me.” (Matthew 25:35,36 NIV)

Download our 2017 Annual Report

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