Past Grants

During 2016, E91 Foundation awarded 25 grants totaling $122,635 to evangelical nonprofit ministries working locally and across the world. Since 2001, it has invested $1,168,566 in ministries that present Jesus and His love.

E91 Foundation’s Tolan Donor Advised Fund has allocated three grants totaling $27,275 to the following ministries: Alexander Christian Foundation (college scholarships to Indiana students entering the ministry), Polish Christian Ministries, and Allendale Christian Camp and Retreat Center.

Kairos Ministerial Aid received $2,500 from the Worthington Fund for its ministry to retired ministers in crisis.

Christian HolyLand Foundation received $5,000 to sponsor Youth and Women Conventions in the Galilee area of the Holy Land.

Allendale Christian Camp and Retreat Center received $2,700 from the George Hall Fund for camper scholarships for youth.

Josh Heidelman received $5,000 for his ministry as legal counsel for Wycliffe Bible Translators and to assist their work in Ghana.

Two Mission trips by E91 High-Schoolers and Adults to Show Low, Arizona, Thy Will Ministries. They received $5,000 to minister to the Apache youth through VBS and to develop a playground and volleyball court.

Dave Toussaint with Chaplains at Work received $5,000 during 2016-17 to provide financial counseling to E91 congregational members in crisis and family financial budgeting workshops in the community.

Suicide Prevention Donor-Advised Fund grants $400 each year to underwrite the distribution of suicide prevention materials for teens in our community.

East 91st St Christian Church received $5,000 to repair and maintain the organ. An additional $4,000 was granted to the church to support the September Week of Service.

Chris Kern with Lawrence Young Life received $5,000 to continue his high school and junior high ministries in the Lawrence (Marion County) community.

Deb Foxworth with Cru received $5,000 to support her ministry to high-schoolers at Fishers High School.

NR is one of three E91 “Timothys” we were privileged to commission this year. NR received $16,000 to initiate bi-vocational ministry in a Far-Eastern country. In another Far-Eastern country, another “Timothy” and his wife, EW&LW, received $3,000 for language studies. Our third “Timothy,” Christy Falink, received $5,000 in 2016-17 for Hoofprints to Hope, which ministers to troubled youth using horses.

Glen and Jessica Shady with French Christian Mission received $4,910 for initial expenses as they begin their ministry in France.

Jesus House, which provides a Christian setting for prisoner re-entry, received $1,250 in matching funds to support the ministry in its zoning challenge.

Sheltering Wings Haven.Home.Hope received $5,000 for their operating budget, since funding from government sources was reduced. This is a Christian shelter on the westside of Indianapolis for abused women and children.

Orchard Group received $6,000 in support of Julio Cruz and his transition to one of our church-planting ministries, Thrive Church, in Orlando, Florida.

CMF in Mexico City for the local ministry in Fuego Nuevo, Iztapalapa received $5,000 for a sport ministry for disadvantaged youth and their summer retreat.

Love at Work in Costa Rica received $8,000 for emergency ministry needs as they are responding to a double punch of Hurricane Otto and a 7.1 earthquake at the same time in November. These have devastating effect on the countryside and the people. There will be an additional $1,620 sent in 2017.

Vision Nicaragua received $5,000 to build housing to support their ministry to workers in the cane fields. Many workers have become disabled by kidney disease caused by the chemicals used in the cane fields. Many organizations sent teams from the U.S. to assist with the ministry.

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