Foundation Expertise

Why choose E91 Foundation for your legacy and philanthropic impact? Our board offers guidance and support to help you make lasting impact with your resources, to be a lasting reflection of your values.

While you may make one-time contributions on our Donate page, we can assist you in creating a fund that will make a lasting impact on future generations. Please contact us so the E91 Foundation Board can assist you in creating the right fund to meet your goals.

Why Choose us?

If you want to leave a legacy for evangelical work, E91 Foundation gives you the freedom to guide your legacy. You choose who you want to receive your donation, and that entity will receive your legacy gift through a donor-advised fund.

If you are unsure where you want your donation to go, E91 Foundation’s board members can offer guidance and support as you make that decision, or you can trust the board to make an educated and prayerfully considered decision for you.

The E91 Foundation board encompasses people from all walks of life with different perspectives and interests, but a common goal and vision: to bring together faith and community to create better impact on the ministries that you care about.

During the granting process, board members conduct site visits, learn a bout the organizations or projects, and stay current and personally involved to insure that donors’ money is being responsibly granted.

E91 Foundation works directly with generous givers like you to multiply the power of your giving and the passion of your heart. As an independent faith-based organization, E91 can simplify your giving to any Christian charity.

Started in 1994, E91 Foundation has $2 million in endowments and seeks ways for  ministry to occur across the world. The board prefers not to fund operating expenses, but instead, to grant money that will greater impact the creation and longevity of new projects and spread evangelical missions.

E91 Foundation has granted more than $1.3 million to Christian organizations through board-selected and donor-advised funds.