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Thanks-GIVING: Where There’s a WILL . . . .

“Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name. And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” (Hebrews 13:15-16)

As we approach Thanksgiving 2020, undoubtedly — due to COVID-19 — this time-honored holiday will look and feel much different than it has in past years. And it may be difficult for us to have thankful attitudes in the midst of all these likely changes.

“I am proclaiming right now that in times of suffering, a heart of gratitude means more than just saying ‘thank you,’” wrote Debra Fileta in her Nov. 22, 2019, Thanksgiving devotional entitled, How to Have a Thankful Heart Through Difficult Times ( “It means believing God is who he says he is,” continued Ms. Fileta, adding: “Believing that He is good, that He is love, and that He is for me. Believing that He never changes, that He never fails, and that He is working all things for what is good.”

Similarly, Glynnis Whitwer, in her Nov. 24, 2019, Thanksgiving devotional, The Sacrifice of Thanks-sharing (, wrote: “. . . We continue to learn that showing thanks to God involves sharing, and sharing involves sacrifice. God still calls us to share out of our abundance, and it still involves sacrifice. But when we share our lives, our homes, our money, our hearts, our skills, and our time as an outpouring of thanksgiving, God is pleased.”

As we approach this Thanksgiving season, what are you willing to share sacrificially to show thanks to God?

On April 4, 2020, just as the pandemic was taking hold here in the United States, USA Today published an article featuring the headline: “Attorneys See Surge of Requests for Wills as Coronavirus Takes Its Toll Across the U.S.”

According to the article, written by Tony Plohetski: “Attorneys and other experts specializing in end-of-life affairs say they have seen a surge in requests for help with wills and end-of-life documents in the past few weeks. ‘A lot of people don’t want to address their mortality, and now that this pandemic has occurred, it actually accelerates their concerns for getting their affairs in order,’ said Jack Garniewski, president of the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils and a CPA in Greenville, Delaware. Some have had documents in place for years, but COVID-19 prompted a rush of updates because financial situations have changed or families have grown.”

As a reminder, on April 15, 2021, E91 Foundation and E91 church – in conjunction with Christian Financial Resources (CFR) – will co-host a Will-Trust Seminar. Please mark your calendars and watch for more details as they become available.

Incorporated in 1994, East 91st Street Christian Church started the E91 Foundation as a long-term Christian charitable entity separate from the church’s day-to-day business and budget. The Foundation was formed to provide members and friends with an opportunity to leave a long-lasting legacy of Christian service and missions through bequests, memorials, and gifts. The Foundation adheres to Christian beliefs and principles and provides a vehicle for the broader Christian community to remember Christ and give a portion of their family’s final assets or unexpected proceeds back to God.

We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us by donating to the E91 Foundation. While a board maintains the endowment and grants funds to qualifying entities, donors can make contributions for specific purposes or create an endowed fund. The board then uses the interest each year within the donor’s guidelines to fund missions and ministries.

If you’re interested in making a one-time donation to the E91 Foundation, we can accept cash, check, or donation via PayPal. If a check, please make it payable to “East 91st Street Christian Church Foundation.” Checks or cash may be sent via regular mail to: East 91st Street Christian Church Foundation, 6049 E. 91st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250. You may also make a one-time donation or a legacy memorial gift via PayPal on the website donation page. Any E91 Foundation board member is also able to accept donations, answer questions, or help you through the process, or you can visit our contact page to get more information or to contact us to help expand God’s kingdom.

In 2020, E91 Foundation has awarded grants totaling $108,456. During 2019 — its 25th Anniversary — the Foundation awarded grants totaling $116,381. And, since its founding, E91 Foundation has granted nearly $1.5 million to evangelical nonprofit ministries in Indianapolis and throughout the world. The generosity of our donors makes it all possible!

In Luke 14:12-14, Jesus said: “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or sisters, your relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid. But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

During this Thanksgiving season, let’s remember Proverbs 11:25: “The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed.”

Blair and Beth Austin
E91 Foundation
“Excel in the Grace of Giving” (2 Corinthians 8:7)

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