Leaving a Lasting Impact on the World — Together

By providing a fertile ground for legacy, cultivating greater impact for the community and kingdom, planting a spirit of community, and spreading faith, East 91st Street Christian Church Foundation is plowing new ground for a greater harvest for the Kingdom of God.

Leaving A Legacy

The mission of  91 Foundation is to provide an opportunity for church members and friends to leave a lasting legacy for the support of Christian service. Donors reach beyond themselves and impact generations to come for eternity.

Increasing Impact

When people work together, the impact of their mission multiplies exponentially. The 91st Foundation believes working together with donors provides for a greater impact for the community and the kingdom.

Being Stronger Together

By working together with those in and beyond the church, the foundation broadens the scope of community to include any partners that help get tasks done and those the foundation can impact with its resources. All of these elements make the community stronger.

Following Your Faith

All that 91 Foundation does and believes is firmly rooted in a devote faith in God and a desire to provide assistance to God’s people, helping them leave a lasting legacy for the support of Christian service through bequests, gifts, and memorial donations.